but why’s their ship name kirugon when it can be freedyck

like how could you throw away a chance like that

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It’s so weird.

When I made this blog three years ago, I don’t really know what I expected.  I mean, my first post was a random Bionicle/Phoenix Wright thing from Pixiv.  As far as I can tell, I made it to scream about random Bionicle stuff into the relative void.

I mean, the Bionicle tag back then? Empty.  I’ve said this in a past post, but I could go in it and scroll to the end.  Nobody knew it, nobody posted about it.  Well, not nobody - artrica was there, and kazi and jay, and before long Cactus was posting, and then something weird happened.It started to grow.

This was back before the rumors, mind you.  Way before.  Bit by a bit, brick by brick HAHAHAHA kill me, people showed up, and I wasn’t alone in all sorts of crazy elemental robot shenanigans.  I wrote an Onua/Lewa fic and people read it, for crying out loud.  

And now here we are.  It’s back.  God only knows where things’ll go from here, but I think it’s safe to say this little corner of the community is only going to grow from here on out.Thank you, Bionicle tag.  You’ve had your ups and downs, but it’s been a good three years screaming incoherently into you and getting equally mad screams back in response.  Here’s to many more.

//dabs at eyes

oh man, when the majority of people started moving to tumblr (around that time 2-3 years ago) the Bionicle tag was slower than a turtle, but miraculously, even for a fandom that went through a period of no new canon, and the uncertainty if it’d ever be coming back, that tag just grew and grew.

I’m so excited for what these new chapters will bring! more people to talk robots with yes? Yes.

Arc V Plot Theories and Musings

Arc V’s storyline has been very intriguing to me- I’m super excited to see where the anime will take us! I made this post with the intent of organizing my thoughts on what’s been revealed, and wrote down some guesses for the future.

What we know:

  • Yuya’s dad is missing
  • Reiji is monitoring summoning energies (with a close eye on XYZ and Fusions)
  • Ruri has been captured
  • Yuuto and Shun have conflict against LDS for unknown reasons
  • Yuuto and Shun’s duels cause shockwaves that can be felt in real life without the use of a matter generator
  • Yuuto and Shun are looking for information on the Academia


  • Yuzu’s had her bracelet since she was born

What’s deduced:

  • Yuzu’s bracelet warps Yuuto away when Yuya is near
  • Sora is not from the same dimension as Yuya
  • Yuuto made a mistake in the past (may be the cause for Ruri’s disappearance)
  • Ruri is Yuzu’s counterpart
  • Yuuto’s dimension bears a striking resemblance to a Heart Land City in ruins
  • Yuuto, and Shun are rebelling against something

Extrapolation of the plot with a lot of guesswork:

A group called the Academia was responsible for Yuuto’s home world being in ruins. Why? That is unknown, but I have a feeling it has to do with summoning energies. But before I explain that, I’m going to get some other stuff out of the way.

My theory is that there are parallel dimensions in which one summoning type is dominant. Sora comes from the fusion summoning dimension, as he commented that Fusion summons were normal where he came from.


Yugo also comes from the Fusion world. His name, “Yugo” has the same romaji as the Polymerization card, a staple of Fusion summons.


It’s very likely that Yugo was responsible for Ruri’s disappearance. We see in Yuuto’s flashback, that right after Yugo leaves, Shun asks him: “Where is Ruri?”.

Yuuto also tells Yuzu (Ruri’s counterpart) that the Polymerization card does not fit her. If Yugo, someone who specializes in Polymerization, was holding Ruri hostage, then this seems like a fitting thing to say.

Yuuto, Shun, and Ruri live in a world where XYZ summoning is dominant. Both Yuuto and Shun have been seen XYZ summoning, and the ruins from Yuuto’s flashback look very similar to the buildings in Zexal as seen in this post

In Zexal, we had a Special Summon, a single Fusion summon, no Synchros, but a shitton of XYZ summoning. If Yuma and Yuuto lived in the same XYZ dominant world, then this makes sense.

In addition, Reiji’s DDD archetype can lend to some foreshadowing too. He tells Yuma what DDD stands for- “Difference Dimension Demon”. Emphasis on the “Different Dimension” part:


Each of his 3 DDD monsters are summoned using a different technique- fusion, synchros, and XYZ. They can be attributed to representing each of the worlds where ____ summoning is dominant.

Now back to summoning energies, and possibly why Yuuto’s world is in ruins.

A lot of energy is given off when Yuuya, Yuuto, Shun, or Sora do their respective summonings. Reiji’s little radar alarms go off the hook when this happens.



When a student from Yuya’s world does it though, it doesn’t give off big signals. Most likely because there is no dominant summoning method in Yuya’s world.  (Before Pendulum happened that is)

Now, this is a lot of guessing on my half, but I think that whoever the main antagonist of Arc V is, this Academia or whatever, what they’re trying to do is harness this summoning energy for something. And they’ve been travelling to different dimensions trying to take over worlds to accomplish this. That’s why Yuuto and co. are living amongst ruins; they’re in the middle of a war trying to fight back against this mysterious invader.

Yuya’s dad is also involved, particularly with Pendulum summoning. What’s so special about Yuya is that he opened up new possibilities in summoning, which is something Reiji also wants to do given all his testing into making his own Pendulum cards. If Yuya’s some sort of catalyst for creating new summoning methods and evolving them, then no doubt the big Arc V baddy will be focusing on him soon enough.

It’s still unclear what Reiji’s plans are, but I think to think that he’s ultimately a good guy. Probably monitoring for suspicious activites, and trying to develop technology to fight against whatever impending threat is happening. It’s also possible that he believes he is doing good, but actually a part of someone else’s darker scheme.

With this being said, there are still questions that need to be answered with this theory like:

  • What is the Academia?
  • Are they related to LDS? Seeing as Yuuto and Shun have a vendetta against the both.
  • What the heck is up with Yuzu’s bracelet?
  • No seriously, what is up with her bracelet??
  • Are there Yuzu/Yuya counterparts in other dimensions too?

Anyway, that’s my whole speel on everything so far! I have to re-iterate again that these theories are my own and not to be taken for canon. It’s a lot of guesswork based on watching old shounen animes, and working off whatever hints were given in the anime.

I totally look forward to whatever’s going to be revealed this week, the upcoming season finale, and also everyone else’s theories too!


30 Day AU Challenge: Maid/Butler
but just look at what I went with~


30 Day AU Challenge: Maid/Butler

but just look at what I went with~

Bionicle fandom: *rises from the grave groggy and muddy*
Bionicle fandom: ...
Bionicle fandom: ...yo yo piraka

Just a rough sketch of an AU story on braceletshipping (I might not write it(or get to it)


Just a rough sketch of an AU story on braceletshipping (I might not write it(or get to it)


night drabble, i find this shipping… intriguing.


night drabble, i find this shipping… intriguing.


I saw a post over this a while ago and doodled this.


I saw a post over this a while ago and doodled this.



everytime you think “that’s too big to be a sea bass”

you’re wrong

you are fucking wrong

its always a fucking sea bass

i honestly didn’t know what this was referring to so i just assumed that tumblr was filled with a community of disgruntled fishers smh






Compared to the last “main relationships” of the last YGO’s I think this is the healthiest ever. The other characters were mostly cheerleaders, faux-action girls, couldn’t understand the struggles the main characters were enduring that well(imagine your friend telling his family’s problems when…

Saying the previous main lady cast didn’t understand the main characters’ struggles completely devoids their characters because they all did exactly that.

Kotori emphasized with Yuma the entire time. (How many times has she cried when Yuma did or comforted him throughout the series?)

Same with anzu and yugi, she’s cared for him a lot and yugi acknowledges that since he’s always thinking bout his friends and how grateful he is to have them. Plus its like super obvious Yugi likes Anzu in the manga whereas its harder to see that with the other protags since its played off much less serious. So saying he barely recognized her efforts is completely off.

With Yuzu and Yuya, it’s that they’re both on more equal footing so its easier to see them complimenting each other. Like kotori and anzu don’t really duel, and asuka and aki were both reigning queens of their duel schools, and judai and yusei were in a lower class. But Yuzu’s good but she isn’t a prodigy- same with Yuya. And the fact that they’re both around the same level aiming to improve is much more relatable.

I definitely agree that they both are very supportive of each other though! But saying the previous characters weren’t is wrong.

Anyway I hope the writers continue arc v with both their character developments in mind!

I didn’t say that they didn’t understand what the protag went through, it’s just that their focus on how their relationship with the protags helped them was abysmal to say the least. I know Anzu/Tea was listening to Atem in their “date” and Yugi tried to help setting the Pharao with her and that she managed to stop Atem when he was hurting Haga in the DOMA arc, but the instances are so rare that you kind of forget that they exist. Asuka and Judai relationship was the worst, the cast most tagged Judai along and the focus on Judai supporting them mostly happened in season 4, and in seadon 3, despite being my favorite had so many flaws on this aspect that’s jarring, he was so reckless that it made him forget how his actions affected his friends and his friend weren’t strong enough to back him/help him in this situation. I love the leading ladies with the sole expection of Kotori and Anzu/Tea, as I feel neutral towards them, what makes me sad is that they don’t share that kind of support that the males get with their male bros, like Yugi and Atem, Yuma and Astral/Shark, Judai and Johan, and Yusei and Bruno/Jack. I felt that Aki was on equal footing with Yusei, in season one she was part of the plot, something that didn’t happen with the other ladies, Yusei needed to personaly reach for her like Yuma and Shark and he had a big impact in her life and we could see that, what with helping her from being lonely and hopeless as well as helping her reconcile with her parents, being implied to help her with homework and even teaching her how to ride a motorcycle so she could pass her test. Even if I don’t ship them as strongly as YuyaxYuzu I felt that they have a healthy relationship too. Also, Aki made an effort to improve herself to stay in equal footing. She didn’t know how to ride duel, but wanted to learn about it so she could understand Yusei better, something that couldn’t be said of the other girls or because they were fucked by the writters >_>(aka Kotori, who asked Rio to teach her how to duel, but wasn’t show the fruits of her efforts). It’s hard to explain, but it just felt to me that they wasn’t as involved, as the abysmal focus on them being a support didn’t help. Like I said, it isn’t that they didn’t acknowledge anyone, generic Nakama is still Nakama, Tea and Asuka didn’t feel any different from the others side characters, but Kotori and Aki were, the other characters acknowledged that she had closer bonds with Yuma than any of them and Aki is a fellow signer. And I must admit that I didn’t watch most of Zexal, so my point about Korori should be moot. I watched above 60 episodes, but then dropped it because it didn’t fit my taste. They had cool aspects and good characters, but the development of their relationship wasn’t good unless you were a Barian.

Your original post said: “The other characters were mostly cheerleaders, faux-action girls, couldn’t understand the struggles the main characters were enduring that well(imagine your friend telling his family’s problems when you don’t know his family personally, you do understand, but no on a personal level) and they rarely could offer emotional support or any kind of support at all.”

I’m just saying that 

a) They could understand what the characters were going through, very well may I add. 

b) They did offer emotional support, (at least for the case of Anzu and Kotori who offered tons) 

Can the leading ladies be treated better? absolutely yes! but your initial statement that they didn’t emphasize or offer support to the protag isn’t true

Yes, pretty much said “Mostly cheerleaders” not “were cheerleaders”, I do acknowledge that they do offer some kind of support, but it’s a bit hard to remember when they have so little focus and yeah, I do admit that the last  statement may be wrong considering that they do tag along when they duel so they are aware of what’s going on, but I still think they should focus more on how the leading lady supports them(and by that, I mean a heart to heart episode or at least a place they can interact and talk about issues without a duel going on)

So basically, my original post was on the lines of “Thank God, we finally have focus on the leading lady and the protag discussing problems and their support being clear even to me! The other leading ladies didn’t have the same treatment, so it’s a huge step!”(if they don’t screw it up, like with Kotori learning to duel or Aki being shoved aside)

…I remember a time when I got pretty happy to see a preview showing Kotori dueling, but she was brainwashed(I was still happy, because duel!) and got even more hopeful when I knew that she was learning how to duel from Rio, but the development got nowhere and we weren’t even show the fruits of her training(even a filler character to duel her, that’s not asking much) 

So yeah, my greatest issue is the potential they give the female lead and waste it, so far Yuzu still on the plot, is improving to get stronger, and we will see the fruits of her training because they need to show her Fusion card, but I’m still on the edge, I hope they don’t waste her potential too.

… I honestly hope I’m not acting like an ass to you, because I have the tendency of looking as a narrow minded glory hound, I just have a problem with expressing myself and I don’t even know if I did right this time, if our leading lady continues relevant after 50 episodes I will be happy. I still need fanfic therapy, do you know any good fanfic that have the main lady interacting with the main character? I need that to cure my skepticism.

I understand your sentiments now. the way your worded your original post just sounded very harshly towards the previous characters and I just wanted to clear that up. I really, really adore Yuzu too, and I’m hoping she gets a role where she takes action instead of supporting from the sidelines. (So far looking good, just keep it up writers!)

IDK many fics focused on the leading ladies but this Anzu one has always been a fav of mine. (Basically an AU where Anzu is the main character of DM)

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someday someone will make an awful doujin with tahu-senpai and kopaka-kun and on that day we shall ascend into the heavens, bathed in light

i will await that day with bated breath

Yuya “The Womanizer” Sakaki from episode 23


Mieru pls. That is Yuzu’s property.

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I’m legitimately over here in the corner dying because if 2015 takes off we are actually going to get bionicle bara fanart and I will not be able to deal with it

im pretty sure there’s already bionicle bara fanart out there somewhere, if not well DANG!! canon bionicle bara fanart /nyooms into space